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The best company culture is the result of a million little nuances: the freely-flowing kudos, the matching t-shirts (proudly worn), the deep-seated loyalty. And when you’re a company pioneering uncharted waters and growing at an exponential rate, building the right culture can be the difference between good work and revolutionary work. Which is why it needs to be captured, recorded and studied.
Birmingham, AL
Our mission
Founded on the mission of simplifying lives, Shipt serves members, shoppers, and communities by offering convenience and freedom.
Our values
Excellence on Repeat

Every day, we strive for excellence. From our product, to our service, to our relationships, we consistently set high goals for ourselves. We relish our victories but never rest on our laurels. We create experiences that work like magic. And then we do it again.

People First

Being authentic is at the core of who we are. We’re fanatical about providing personal, high touch service that goes above and beyond. Our sense of hospitality and respect are more than just a nod to our roots as a Southern company. They’re fundamental to how we operate and what make us stand out from the competition.

Move Fast, then Celebrate Wins

Moving quickly is how we’ve earned our success to date, and it’s how we’ll ensure success in the future. We’re proud of what we’ve built, and recognize our shared success. Anytime a shopper goes above and beyond, we praise them. When a product launches, we take time to honor a job well done. When we’re successful, we don’t keep it a secret.

Build Community

So much of what we do depends on the time and effort we put into our work every day. That’s why we’re focused on taking care of each other. We connect with individuals who rely on our service. We create great jobs. We empower the cities we do business in. In short, we make a difference in people’s lives. The community we’re creating isn’t an accident – it’s purposeful, meaningful, and fundamental to our success.

Team is Built on Trust

We believe that empowerment leads to success. Our work depends on taking people at their word. We’ve given the freedom and responsibility to make decisions that have a meaningful impact on business. There’s not a lot of handholding or bureaucracy. This trust also extends to our community. If a member tells us we got something wrong, we take them at their word. We know we’ll be successful, because we trust one another.


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