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Waypoint is VICE's home for gaming culture, built to explore how and why we play. Through original video, editorial, podcasts, and streams

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A strong business plan is important to any company’s success, but it also takes a strong culture to encourage rapid innovation, drive effective teamwork, and overcome unexpected challenges. Real company values – the behaviors and skills that we value in our fellow employees – are foundational to building, promoting, and preserving a strong culture at Waypoint.
Brooklyn, NY
Our mission
Through original video, editorial, podcasts, and streams, Waypoint focuses on the people, passion, and politics of gaming.
Our values
Team Player

Deeply invested in each others' personal successes and the success of our clients Check our egos at the door and consistently act in the best interests of the team Invest time in setting context for our teammates to empower them to be successful Proactively seek and provide constructive feedback to each other to make each other better Promote positivity and optimism in order to foster a vibrant workplace


Make our team, our clients and our product and services better Resourceful, scrappy, and will go the extra mile to achieve our goals and win Focus on outcome rather than non-impactful work; prioritize results instead of being caught up in the details Take it upon yourself to find & recommend solutions to problems when you notice them Willing to be decisive and take action when called upon Bring creative and innovative ideas and solutions for solving problems


Love to learn from anyone/anywhere and constantly desire to better ourselves and create positive change in the world Pursue deep understanding of our strategy, our market, our customers Show pride in the quality of our work, our company, our products, our brand and our culture Care deeply about solving our clients' problems


Make wise decisions despite ambiguity Take action to obtain the information you need to make good decisions Think strategically and act in the best interests of the company Understand what should and can be done today versus tomorrow Flexible and adapt when presented with new information or facts Concise and articulate Maintain calm in stressful situations Hold others accountable for not upholding our values; lead by example


Follow through on your commitments, and do what you say you will do Authentic and genuine; assume positive intent in interactions with teammates Respectful of each others' opinions and ideas


Speak what's on your mind with your own opinions and recommendations Raise hand for clarification if something is unclear Admit mistakes freely and openly Listen to different opinions and viewpoints to understand before reacting


Live values daily with Disco

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