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Turn your photos and video clips into professional videos in minutes. Fast and shockingly simple - we make video creation easy.

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A company's values are at the core of everything they do. They help define your culture, guide your internal practices, and are the ethos of an organization. At Animoto, our values aren't just words that hang on a wall. We eat, sleep, and breath Humbletude, Betterfication and Oomphosity. These values are engrained in us. They are the characteristics that help differentiate us as a company while creating unity amongst all Animoto employees.
New York, NY
Our mission
Make it easy for anyone to create and harness the power of professional videos.
Our values

Hungry for solutions, not problems


Living life with that extra gear

Bias for Action

A Bias for Action is drive to move faster and a devotion to breaking down the barriers to doing so. It is not about reckless decisions or unilateral action however.


Collaboration is working together in the creation and execution of ideas. It means committing time and energy to overcoming challenges of your team members. It means giving good and timely feedback as well as incorporating feedback from others.

Customer Obsession

Customer Obsession means you never lose sight of why you are doing what you're doing: who is my customer (api client, end user, etc)? What am I doing to make their situation better? How do I know if I'm succeeding?


The perfect blend of humility and confidence.


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