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eLearning Mind

eLearningMinds is a group with strategic partnerships from different countries experienced in providing eLearning content solutions for organisations in the private and public sectors.

Culture at

eLearning Mind

Values drive every positive outcome we have benefited from as an agency. Ours our People First, Being Passionate, Being a Self-Starter, and Being a Creative Innovator. When we publically recognize our people for positive outcomes, it’s easy to tag and boost and reinforce that recognition that’s tied to our company values.
New York, NY
Our mission
Inspire growth and change in the world's leading organizations.
Our values

This Elmie uses passion to fuel their work and puts their heart into everything they do.

People First

This ELMie puts people at the heart of every choice. They listen to people.

Creative Innovator

This ELMie turns new ideas into reality by finding new ways in making ELM a great company and in making our products and services industry leading.

Self Starter

This ELMie sees challenges as opportunities to learn and grow and isn't afraid of digging in and learning on their own.


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