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DAYTA Marketing

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Culture at

DAYTA Marketing

Our values guide our decision-making process when working towards creating long-term growth for our clients, ourselves, and our company.
St. Cloud, MN
Our mission
Our mission is to be an irreplaceable partner to our clients.
Our values
We Are A Team

We can’t be successful unless we are all successful, so we look at projects to see how we can contribute, not how we should distribute.

We Deliver Value

We deliver value by building meaningful relationships with our clients which enables us to effectively tell their stories.

We Create

We create lasting relationships and great ideas resulting in innovative approaches to building brand.

We Collaborate

#OneTeamOneDream isn’t just a hashtag. The work we do together sets us apart.

We Are Never Satisfied

We strive for continuous growth and success for our clients, our business and ourselves.

Crazy Smart

Smart… but more so.

Agents of Change

We strive to bring our clients seamlessly into the digital world by creating a shared vision and a strong partnership.

We Ideate

We are innovators who see the world differently. Our point of view inspires change.

We Inspire

Our passion for our work and community is contagious. It motivates us and our clients to do great things.

Coach and Mentor

We coach and mentor our team members to help them reach their true potential

We Are Digital Natives

From our company's inception we designed and built our processes to deliver great social marketing services to our clients.

We Have Fun

As a millennial based company we believe it’s important to incorporate fun at work and to have fun with our clients. The #DAYTAlife is not just a motto but a lifestyle.

We Tell The Truth

Our relationships with our team, with our clients and with the community are based upon open and honest communication, because without truth there is no trust.

We Work To Live

Our work enhances our lives, creates friendships, provides laughter and encourages family… that’s what we call the #DAYTAlife.


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