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Bidvine makes hiring trusted local service professionals ridiculously simple.

Culture at


Building a strong company culture is something you have to work at, and we’ve worked hard on since starting Bidvine. One of our values is "give kudos" and it helps build a consciousness around collaboration and recognition.
London, UK
Our mission
We make hiring local, trusted service professionals ridiculously simple - and help people use the time saved to pursue their passions.
Our values
Service first

Drop everything, forget nothing. Deliver delight with service. Build relationships. Tell the truth. Leave happiness in your wake.

Climb the vine

Pursue growth and learning. Live hungry. Race like a pro - fast and smart. What's your vine?

Make strong moves

Be bold. Embrace change. Drive growth. Be the CEO of something.

Champion good ideas

Encourage intellectual curiosity. Feel safe to share. Stand behind an idea, even if small, even if not your own. Rely on results and use them to drive change

Give kudos

Recognize others. Respect the individual. We succeed together. No one wins unless everyone wins. Point at stars.

Pursue your passions

Relish health. Invest your time in what you value. Plant and harvest. Be adventurous. Free up 10,000 hours and you can build rockets.


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