Celebrate and amplify great work and strengthen ties to company culture in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Build a culture of recognition

Use kudos to celebrate great work and highlight employee achievements in public and private channels.

Customize keywords to fit your culture.

Help employees live company values

Reinforce core values, quarterly goals, and more by tagging kudos.

Bring your values to life with custom or branded emojis.

Socialize and celebrate together

Teammates can react to public kudos to help celebrate and recognize great work.

Surface the most engaging kudos on the Disco dashboard.

Inspire participation

Spark employee connection with daily, prompted, and private Disco Compliments.

Disco keeps things fun and fresh by asking people who opt-in three fun questions each day. Upload your own compliments to fit your culture.

Reward culture champions

Set up a raffle and Disco will draw and announce the winners. Add custom rewards to get your team excited about giving recognition.

Analyze usage

Answer key questions about your culture like:
- Which company values are heavily adopted?
- Which groups are highly engaged?
- How is employee engagement changing over time?

High engagement

The average employee gives 13 pieces of positive feedback per month with Disco!

High retention

90% of employees that give recognition with Disco give recognition 1 year later!
Live your values daily with Disco
Let us help you build your culture, start your free trial.


“Disco helped us scale our culture and understand which values our employees cared about."
Zoe Silverman
“It's remarkable how easy it is for employees to celebrate eachother with Disco. It's right where they work.”
Stephen Spears
SAP SuccessFactors
“Disco was a key part in helping us grow our team and culture. Celebrating small wins led to bigger and bigger wins.”
Maria Arrington


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any discounts?

Placeholder: Our product is priced to be affordable, so we don't give any discounts. We already offer our product at a competitive price.

Is there a long-term contract?

Placeholder: No, we don't force you into any long-term contracts. Our best price is available as an annual subscription, but we offer monthly subscriptions as well.

Which payments do you accept?

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How do transaction fees work?

Placeholder: During this time we found that our smallest customers accounted for a significant amount of our support resources. We have changed our pricing structure so that we can better meet the needs of all our customers.