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Disco works with over 40,000 companies to increase awareness and adoption of core values. Here are the most engaging values.
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But first

We analyzed the most engaging values and saw some trends you should keep in mind


93% of the most engaging values were verbs. This makes it easy to identify when someone lives that value.

To the point

The average character count of top value names was 14.5 characters. This makes it easy to remember and use in conversation.


Many values were team oriented. Everyone should be able to relate to the values in their own way.

Less is more

The companies with the most values engagement had on average 4.3 values. Too many can be hard to remember or act on.


72% of the companies on the list had at least one value that was exclusive to their culture or not in the English dictionary!


Resist the urge to make values too fresh. No companies on the list had slang or pop culture references.