Why values matter

Great companies live values daily

impact on engagement

Employees that know the values are 51x more likely to be engaged

You read that right. Fifty. One. Times.

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Increases employee retention

Interacting with values once a week increases retention by 30%

Values are meant to shape behavior. Employees that use them every day are 30% more likely to stick around.

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What we believe
Top of mind

When values are positively reinforced, people are more likely to remember them.

Shape decisions

When the team is aware of the mission and values, it shapes their decisions.


When decisions are based on values, all rules are reduced to live the values.


When values are lived and shared, they create a sense of teamwork and purpose.

What we do

We help companies live their values every day.

Bring core values into messaging

Bring values to life by giving them an emoji people can interact with.

Values are at your fingertips.

celebrate values when lived

Give appreciation for when someone lives the values.

Celebrate when someone lives your values. This helps clarify what a value means and reinforces them on a daily basis.

Is it worth investing in values? They think so.

The fastest way to improve morale

Weave core values into everything

Apple's values are the key to excellence

Putting values to work at Amazon

Values at the center of strong ethics

Employees want to connect to culture